What care would you want if you couldn’t speak for yourself?

Do your doctors and family know what that is?

Most of us have given some thought to what choices we would make for our health care should we become so ill, injured or feeble that our doctors give us no hope for recovery to a normal life.

But what happens if we can no longer communicate?

And how can we be sure our wishes are honored? Who knows our wishes and speaks on our behalf? Is the person we want to speak for us prepared and legally allowed to make such decisions? Have we shared our most important decisions and wishes with those who need to know?

If you have a living will and durable healthcare power of attorney on file with your doctor and hospital, and if your loved ones know your wishes, these questions are already answered.

And if you have no advance directive or your documents aren’t up-to-date, what’s stopping you from putting your wishes in writing right now? Talk to us!


Looking Ahead ACP urges every person to look toward the future, discuss your goals, beliefs and fears, make your requests heard and record your instructions. Contact us today to arrange your personal advance care planning consultation.


One conversation can make all the difference.

  • Are you concerned about your quality of life in the years ahead?
  • Do you hold strong beliefs or values that may impact the last chapter of your life?
  • Do you wish to make it easier and less stressful for your family to make decisions on your behalf?
  • Does choosing a healthcare agent or understanding medical terms overwhelm you?
  • Are you anticipating diminished capacity as you grow older?
  • Do you have a chronic debilitating disease?
  • Do you want to plan now for future medical decisions?
  • Do you have difficulty discussing end-of-life wishes with your family, loved ones and providers?